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We know you’re ready to get your hair done! Are you wondering when we are opening, HOW we are opening, and what you need to do to get in?


With the significant number of guests to reschedule, a large amount of supplies to stock up on, some rearranging to do for social distancing, and our stylists need time to prepare be it personal or business related, we will be officially opening All the Rave on WEDNESDAY, MAY 27 with our new modified business hours. We understand that this delay may inconvenience you but we hope you understand our decision to delay opening. 


How this affects you:


• Any appointments cancelled during the stay at home order will get scheduling priority. We have already put you on a waiting list and will be contacting you to confirm your appointment. If you miss our rescheduling attempt we will wait 24 hours before moving to the next name on our list. 


• If you would like to schedule a new appointment you should call the salon to be put on the appointment list. We are already overwhelmed with calls and messages, so if you don’t talk to us directly please, please, please, leave us a message rather than calling repeatedly. 


• We will be working on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. This means no walk-in appointments. Additionally, do NOT come in person to the salon to book your appointment. In order to keep on schedule for all appointments it’s vital that we utilize the phone for scheduling for the time being. We will also NOT be opening up our online booking since our appointments will need to be spaced farther apart than before our closure.


• Arrive alone for your appointment, no plus ones at this time. Our reception area will be closed so we are requesting that you wait in your car or outside until we notify you that we are ready for your appointment. If you require assistance, call ahead and let us know.


• We are requiring all guests to come wearing a face mask or face covering. If you do not have one we are working to be able to provide you with a disposable mask for $2.00. Please, alert us if you need a mask. 


• We will also require everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the salon. Sanitizer will be located immediately inside the salon door.


This will be quite a change in normal operating procedures and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are all in uncharted waters and are using our best discretion when it comes to making decisions that will affect our guests and our employees. 


Thank you all for the enormous support you’ve shown for us. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future!  

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We are opening but things will be different.  HOW?

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